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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dove Daily Treatment Review and Glee For All Giveaway!!


I had the opportunity to Review Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner!  I LOVE it!!  

Honestly, I kept running my fingers through my hair because it felt so soft!  I have only been using it a week and I already feel this much improvement.  The new formula provides treatment feel to restore softness and smoothness in the time of a daily conditioner, which is always important since we are all so busy!! It contains Fiber Active technology that works to penetrate deep inside the hair strand to help rebind damaged proteins; patented  Micro Moisture serum helps repair the surface of hair by sealing lifted cuticles to help protect against future damage.  I can honestly feel a difference!!

I recently have been cutting back on straightening, blow-drying, and highlighting my hair in a desperate search to get healthier hair, but some damaging factors such as sun, pollution, and running are unavoidable for me.  (Especially the swimming that is about to happen in these summer months).  

This daily treatment allows you to do all of those things to your hair.  The Glee Cast submits their hair to hours of styling daily in order to achieve their desired looks and this leads to damaged hair.  In order to take care this damage THEY are now using Dove Hair Care (with Fiber Actives).  This is an easier and less expensive option to receiving monthly "Hair Conditioning" treatments at the salon that they tell me I need every time I get my hair cut because of my damage.  

As for me, I am still going to try to stay away from the highlighting, but I will definitely be using this conditioner so that I don't feel as bad when I am straightening my hair.  

Dove is also hosting a Glee For All Giveaway!!
Enter into Dove's Sweepstakes to Win a visit to the Glee Set!!!  On top of winning a visit to the Glee set you will also get to: 
  • Win a visit to the Glee set
  • Special Glee tour rehearsal performances by Lea Michele
  • Exclusive footage from the Glee tour
  • Hair care messages from celebrity stylist Gretta Monahan
  • Dove Hair Care product information
        Go HERE to enter the Sweepstakes!!

They even have a Glee For All Game that you can enter into for a chance to win FREE Dove® Hair products,
Glee Season 1, Vol. 1 DVDs, Glee: The Music Vol. 1 and 2, and iTunes® Season Passes.
Go HERE to play the game!  You get 3 chances to spin...DAILY!You too can request a FREE sample of the 

Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner to try it for yourself!  
Go HERE to request that sample.


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