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Sunday, August 22, 2010

ArmPocket Sport 20 Review- Perfect For Workouts!

ARMPOCKET SPORT 20 is designed to allow hands-free carrying system in which you can hold an iPhone, iPod, MP3, cell phone, ID, keys, and even energy gels or bars!  It has 20 cubic inches of storage capacity but it not just open. It has two slots for ID cards and a touch-through screen for iPhone, iPod, and other touch-sensitive smart phones.  This screen is also good for other phones so that you can see who is calling.  Designed for phones or other items that are important to you such as an iPod, it has a slot to put your phone in against the touch screen so it is not movin around in there as well.  Personally, I have a blackberry which is smaller than the iPhone and the elastic band still held it in place well so that its weight did not shift while I was running. 
This is designed for any situation that you might need your hands to be free such as the gym, biking, running, shopping, or even traveling!  It's also convenient to carry your stuff even if it is not on your arm. 
I often go to the gym and have my phone and locker key out with me on the machines and this made it much easier to carry it around with me from machine to machine.  Everything is in one small container so I did not have to worry about picking up several items.

One big issue is that these items often get saturated with sweat, the ARMPOCKET is made out of Water Resistant Recycled Plastic (PET) fibers- Not only is this Eco-friendly, but it is also moisture resistant!  This prevents any moisture from reaching your valuables inside of the ARMPOCKET.  
It also has an Ultra-Soft vented strap so that you are able to wear it for extended periods of time. The company also says that their Bamboo Rayon Fabric is naturally moisture-wicking and resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew.  I have not had this product long enough for mold or mildew to aquire, but the claim that this is resistant to that sounds great to me!! 

More Facts:
  • High-Visibility reflective piping for added safety
  • Flexi-Lock Audio port, allowing for the perfect length for ear-bud wires and resists disconnect during activity
  • Patented ergonomic design and memory foam back-padding contours to the arms's natural countours
  • Dimensions: 5" x 3.25" x 1"
  • Two Strap Sizes
    • Medium (arms up to 15 inches)
    • Small (arms 8 to 11 inches)
  • Assortment of Colors: Fluorescent Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red, Khaki, Navy Blue, Pink, Black also has 2 other designs, XTreme 30 (holds 30 cubic inches of storage space) and Aero10 (holds 10 cubic inches of storage space).  All of these Armpocket products are great for an iPhone carrier during working out!  

*I received this product from the company in order to review it.  I was not given any compensation.  


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